Mannheim Medical Technology Cluster

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The Mannheim Medical Technology Cluster has distinctive features that are considered unique, both, in Germany and Europe. Medical device companies, healthcare providers and MedTech research organisations will experience major trends in epidemiology and technology characterizing future healthcare.

Based on these trends, the Medical Technology Cluster is focused on one hand on the areas of cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular system, obesity disorders, musculoskeletal disorders, diseases associated to ageing and dental. On the other hand, in the Medical Technology Cluster’s emphasis is put on the following technologies: interventional technologies, neuroengineering, cell- and tissue engineering, imaging, telemedicine, ICT, modelling and simulation, Ambient Assisted Living and in-vitro diagnostics. Beyond strategic focus, the Medical Technology Cluster facilitates innovation transfer into clinical routine practice through value- and market oriented services addressing the specific needs of medical device companies

The medical device research program „Mannheim Molecular Intervention Environment“ (M2OLIE) presents  just one visible example for that. It includes a federal government funding of up to €30 million over a period of up to 15 years to facilitate public-private cooperation between academia and industry to develop the “Interventional OR of the Future” for cancer treatment.

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